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DOL also offers services through One-Stop Career Centers in each state. While not geared specifically to veterans and not any more helpful to veterans than to the general population, the services they offer are free and include:

  • Career counseling.

  • Resume and cover letter writing.

  • Free use of computers.

  • Job search and interview skills.

  • Job referrals.

  • Limited free use of fax, long-distance phone and copies related to a job search.

  • Links to volunteer positions to gain work experience.

  • Apprenticeships.

  • Classroom or on-the-job training opportunities.

State employment service centers have leads on some private-sector jobs, but government entities are required to list open jobs with the centers in their state. As such, they are a valuable source of public sector job listings.

HOW DO I GO ABOUT APPLYING FOR FEDERAL JOBS? To help you find a federal job, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) maintains a searchable database – USAJOBS – that you can access via telephone or the Internet. Most, but not all, federal agencies are required to post any civil service positions that they are not filling in-house on USAJOBS. They may, but are not required to, post jobs that are not subject to civil service restrictions.

USAJOBS postings provide detailed information about the job vacancy including closing/deadline dates for applications, specific duties of the position, whether or not a written test is required, educational requirements, location, salary, etc. The job vacancy will also tell you specifically what you need to do to apply. As with any government filing, follow the precise instructions and provide everything requested. USAJOBS offers downloadable forms that you’ll need to apply for positions, and has an on-line resume development and distribution tool that lets you write and save your resume and apply for jobs online.

DOL maintains a similar online jobs posting board, America's Job Bank, located online at http://www.ajb.dni.us This also contains a listing of jobs from both federal and state employers nationwide. If online searches aren’t your thing, you can contact the personnel office of any federal agency and inquire about opportunities or speak to the veterans’ representative at your state employment service center.

WHAT ARE SPECIAL HIRING AUTHORITIES? Congress created special hiring authorities, which are types of civil service shortcuts that let agencies hire veterans directly with minimal red tape: VRA, 30 Percent Disabled and VEOA. All three require that you ask for the placement and provide the required documentation.

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