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Here is the seat back frame with new back foam installed. It is simply glued in place with contact cement.

What the instructions don’t ever tell you is to secure the foam with duct tape until the contact cement cures!

When gluing the foam to the seat back frame, the job will be slightly frustrating! The seat foam has a flat cross section. This must be made to conform to the curved shape of the frame. The foam won’t want to stay tightly against the frame, particularly at the top, in the area of the headrest-mounting hole. It must be persuaded with lots of contact cement and taping.

After this has been accomplished, glue a strip of plastic (about 5” wide) around the outside edge of the seat as shown in the photo below.

Plastic strip glued around the periphery of the seat.

Remove the duct tape after the glue has set.

The plastic strip serves two purposes:

  • -

    It helps hold the foam in place against the frame while


  • -

    Plastic has a smooth surface that will allow the

upholstery material to slide down over the foam, onto the seat frame, without snagging.

After the contact cement has thoroughly dried it will be time to test-fit the seat back upholstery onto the seat back.

It must be carefully, yet strenuously, pulled down over the foam & frame.

Take special care not to snag to material as it pulls down over the seat adjuster handle shaft! Pull it down until the upholstery is firmly down onto the top of the seat. Check and make sure that the upholstery fits squarely over the headrest hole. If not, adjust as needed.

Be careful what you’re pulling on! Excess force on the rear corners of the upholstery can rip the seam, not a pleasant proposition on an expensive seat kit!

With the upholstery in its correct position, mark the centre of the “tail” hanging down on the bottom. Use chalk or “white-out” if you wish. Mark the centre of the seat frame tube at the bottom as well. This will help ensure proper fitting.

Once you are satisfied with the fit, slide the seat back upholstery back off the seat! (Seems like a lot of work for nothing right!)

Take the old seat back upholstery and open it. Inside the wings, or side flutes, (where the screws were installed, one in each side) there are semicircular boards. These are the same material as the seat back board. Pull them out of their pockets. These should now be glued into the new seat back pockets.

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