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Since no two seat upholstery pieces are ever identical, some trimming of these pieces may be necessary prior to installation.

Glue should now be applied to the inner front surface of the upholstery, as well as to the inside edges of the side panels.

Apply glue to the corresponding surfaces of the seat foam and the edges of the frame.

If you are using contact cement, allow sufficient time for it to set before assembling anything.

When the glue is ready, pull the seat back upholstery down onto the seat back.

The same cautions as before will apply:

  • Keep the upholstery centred on the way down. Use the headrest hole as a guide.

  • Be careful not to snag the material going over the seat adjuster shaft.

  • Don’t pull the back corners so hard as to tear the material or the stitching.

Lean down into the front face of the seat with both elbows & forearms to get the front face of the upholstery properly stuck to the foam. Working in this position will also allow you to work the material down towards the bottom of the seat. This will result in a tighter fit with less wrinkling.

Once you are satisfied with the fit, apply glue to the bottom flap of upholstery and also to the lower frame tube, over which it will be secured.

Wrap the material tightly around the tube and install the barbed circular spring clips.

Secure the back flap over the “angle iron” rail of the back of the seat frame. Secure it with three clips.

Pop a hole in the side of the covering for the adjuster shaft hole. Then the small screws can be installed through the side flaps, one in each side. Reinstall the seat adjuster handle.

Notice the big “C” clamp securing the seat bottom frame to the workbench. This is necessary because of the amount of stretching that you will be doing in order to fit the new seat diaphragm/webbing to the frame.

A new seat diaphragm should then be “hung” in place. I can’t really recommend reinstalling a used diaphragm; no matter how good it looks. Remember, if the diaphragm fails it will quickly ruin your seat bottom upholstery!

Temporarily bolt the seat frame back & bottom back together. This must be done to properly align the upholstery flutes of the back & bottom upholstery.

This being the case-don’t bother to tighten up the bolts or install the nuts or washers.

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