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Take your new seat bottom upholstery and turn it right side out (the upholstery comes supplied with the side panels turned inside out!)

Place the seat bottom upholstery onto the new seat foam base. Ensure that it is positioned tightly over the front edge of the base foam.

Place the assembled base upholstery & foam into position on the seat bottom frame. This will take a little pushing and juggling since the new foam is slightly “large”.

Mark the position of the front edge of the seat upholstery on the lower front edge of the base frame pipe. This will give a reference point for assembly. If you don’t do this, the pattern in the base upholstery may not match the pattern in the seat back upholstery once it is installed!

After you are satisfied with the fit, remove the seat bottom upholstery & foam.

Disassemble the seat back frame from the seat base frame-remove the two bolts.

Seat bottom Upholstery & foam in position. The seat bottom in the photo to the right is ready to finish.

As you can see, the upholstery material extends down over the front seat frame piping.

Temporarily install one clip on each side pipe and one clip in the centre of the front pipe.

Install the clips carefully while someone holds the upholstery & foam tightly against the frame.

Slits must then be made in the vinyl material, approximately one inch long, where the forward frame tubes come down. This is necessary to allow the material to “clear” these pipes.

Carefully remove the three clips that were just installed. Great care must be taken to ensure that these “barbed” clips do not puncture the material!! Take the foam and upholstery off of the seat bottom frame.

Apply glue to the top of the foam and corresponding areas of the underside of the upholstery material.

When ready, install the glued foam and upholstery material onto the seat bottom frame. Fully clip it in place onto the frame.

The completed seat bottom and back sections may now be permanently bolted together.

If you haven’t yet done so, the headrest can be pushed down into the seat back.

Bolt the upper halves of the track back onto the seat bottom. The seat is now ready to be installed into your car.

While seat upholstering takes some effort, the scope of the job is well within the abilities of most car owners.

There are a few possible problem areas:

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