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Small group presentations

The class will be divided into small groups. Each small group will be responsible for presenting a counselling theory or theme associated with a theory. The purpose of the student-led presentation is to clarify one’s thinking about a counselling theory and to shed light on this theory for others. The presentation can involve sharing some of the salient points of the theory, a role play or dramatization of some aspect of the theory, and engagement of the class in an activity or discussion. Presentations should be approximately thirty minutes in length followed by a twenty-minute discussion. Presentations require knowledge of the topic or issue chosen along with creative ways to communicate the message to an audience. The various roles for the presentation can be negotiated within the small groups. Consideration for the gifts, talents and personalities of each one is important.

A “B+” grade will be the result of satisfactory completion of the previously noted requirements plus:

Critically reflective paper

A critically reflective paper can be an important means of keeping track of reflections, feelings, questions and comments related to the readings. This paper is a critique of the various discourses on counselling. Would one consider using this approach or not? Who is included and excluded in the theory? Is this approach more useful for some people than others? Are there elements of an approach which fit one’s view of the world as well as elements which challenge one’s view? Is there little value in some approaches? Is there something surprisingly important in the theory? In effect, this assignment is like a summary of the course and one’s appropriation of the major learnings. It is due one week after the last class and should be at least 1500 words in length. One helpful approach to this assignment is to keep a daily journal which would then be edited and summarised for the paper.

An “A level” grade will be the result of the previously noted requirements plus: (A, A-, A+ will be assigned at the discretion of the Instructor)

Personal theory paper

This paper explores counselling from a personal point of view. This reflective paper is an opportunity to clarify one’s views about counselling. Based on the readings, personal experience and class discussion, write a short paper on personal views, theory and assumptions about people, their needs and issues. The purpose of the paper is to provide a forum where one can begin to articulate one’s particular structure and approach to counselling. Assuming that one grows and changes the paper is a beginning point to what is held as important, what one is like as a person and how one might see oneself as a

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