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Ellsworth Sourcewater Protection Plan December 2004 Rev. September 2005 Page 13 of 63

1. Do you have a copy of the SWAP report from the DWP? The Water Department has a copy of the SWAP report in the treatment plant.

2. Have you used your SWAP report in any way? The maps have been useful for planning and research.

3. Do the towns in your watershed have a copy of the SWAP report? If so, do they use it? The City of Ellsworth has a copy which they use. It is not known whether or not Dedham and Orland have or use the SWAP report for planning or other purposes.

4. How would you describe the relationship between you and the town(s) in your source

protection area (manager, planning board, CEO)? The Ellsworth Water Department is part of the City of Ellsworth.

The City supports

sourcewater protection as evidenced by the large number of stakeholders who are also employees of the City (planner, CEO, and two members of the highway crew). The City has initiated many sourcewater protection education projects and direct actions in the Branch Lake watershed as detailed in Section IV above (Existing Sourcewater Protection Measures). They City also maintains partnerships with entities such as the BPA, SWCD, UMCE and others to plan and implement sourcewater protection measures.

Contact with municipal officials in Dedham and Orland is less frequent, although the City has notified both Towns of their responsibilities under Public Law (PL) 761. Prior to the initiation of stakeholder meetings under the SWPP, there had been some communication with the Town of Dedham regarding sourcewater protection. A resident of Lucerne, an incorporated village within the Town of Dedham, is a stakeholder and member of the steering committee. He has many years experience protecting the water quality of Phillips Lake in Dedham, and has served on the planning board. His continued involvement on the steering committee provides a link to Dedham.

The Water Department has worked successfully with the Town of Orland in the past on an eroding site in the Branch Lake watershed. The Town was supportive of the erosion mitigation effort.

5. Have you participated in the comprehensive planning process in any town in your source protection area? The Water Department has participated in the comprehensive planning process in Ellsworth, but not in Dedham or Orland.

6. Have you worked with a town in your watershed on an ordinance? The Water Department has participated in the development of sourcewater protection ordinances in Ellsworth, but not in Dedham or Orland.

7. Do you receive notification from your town(s) about land use permits under Maine PL 761? The Ellsworth CEO is in frequent contact with the Water Department concerning land use issues including permits. No communication regarding permits has been received from the Towns of Dedham or Orland. The Ellsworth planner has recently sent a letter to the two Towns describing their responsibilities to the Water Department under Maine PL 761.

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