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Ellsworth Sourcewater Protection Plan December 2004 Rev. September 2005 Page 14 of 63

8. Do you participate in discussions and hearings about changes in land use in your source protection area? The Water Department is actively engaged in these issues in Ellsworth, but not in Dedham or Orland.

9. Is there anything in the sourcewater protection part of your Vulnerability Assessment (VA) that you feel can be worked on under the SWPP? If so, what is it? The Water Department would like to work on increasing communication and preparedness with local emergency responders, and initiate a “Neighborhood Watch” program in the area of the intake and treatment plant under the SWPP.

10. Do you have fences and signs to protect your critical facilities? The Water Department has the red and white Federal warning sign on some critical facilities, as suggested in the VA. Some critical facilities are intentionally left unmarked so that attention is not drawn to them.

11. Have you marked your intake with a buoy? The intake is intentionally left unmarked so as to not draw attention.

12. Do Water Department staff monitor your facilities? Water Department staff is at critical facilities at least twice every day for security and monitoring.

13. Do you educate and encourage the public to be aware and report suspicious activity to you? The Water Department encourages the public to be aware and report suspicious activity, and as noted above, plans to initiate a Neighborhood Watch program as part of the SWPP.

14. Do you have a protocol to restrict the dissemination of confidential information? The disbursement of confidential information is limited. Only the Water Department Superintendent and the City manager have copies of the VA. Other Water Department staff only have the information that is pertinent to their jobs. The fire chief is also privy to confidential information to the extent necessary for emergency response.

15. Have you identified a protocol and a staff member to communicate with local, state, and federal regulators, the public and the media in the event of an emergency? The protocol is part of the Ellsworth Water Department Emergency Contingency Plan, which is attached to this plan as Appendix B. This protocol is detailed further in the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) developed by Stratex, LLC for the Water Department. The ERP contains confidential information and is not included in this plan.

16. How much land do you own along the shoreline and in the watershed? The City owns approximately 150’ of frontage at the treatment plant, 19 acres at the outlet, and approximately 300 acres within the watershed.

17. If you had all the time in the world for sourcewater protection, what would be your top priorities? The Water Department would first hire an additional staff member to focus on sourcewater protection. The three highest priorities for this position would be monitoring

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