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Ellsworth Sourcewater Protection Plan December 2004 Rev. September 2005 Page 23 of 63

IX. Strategic Planning Branch Lake is a beautiful resource in a highly desirable location. Balancing use of the Lake and watershed with resource protection has been a challenge and will continue to be so in the future. Over the past twenty years, the City, the BPA, the SWCD, UMCE and others have partnered to help protect the Lake.

The recent discussion among stakeholders revealed current areas of concern for Branch Lake and the watershed. Among the areas of concern were: erosion and sedimentation, septic systems, security of the water system, effectiveness of state and local environmental protection laws, recreational use, public access, development (particularly

along the shoreline and on steep slopes), outreach. As noted earlier, of particular initiative by the DOC to enlarge an existing

and the need for continued education and current concern to the stakeholders is an boat launch and develop a recreational use

area on a state-owned parcel with 7,000

basin. parcel.






feet of lake frontage located in the southern approximately 2 miles downgradient of this

The sourcewater protection stakeholders have developed a sourcewater protection plan

that includes direct actions, education and outreach, monitoring and management and planning, ordinances, and safety and security tasks.

surveillance, The current

source protection strategy is to implement the tasks contained in this plan and update them as necessary. Continued strong partnerships and commitment to sourcewater protection will be important in protecting the Lake in the future.

Technical assistance and sources of funding are necessary in order to continue implementation of sourcewater protection measures in the future. Appendix D is a list of sourcewater protection technical assistance contacts, and Appendix E is a list of potential sources of funding.

X. Steering Committee and Local Partners All the stakeholders have agreed to be members of the steering committee, which will meet at least annually to review and update the sourcewater protection plan and follow through on implementation measures. The steering committee members are listed in Section II above.

Other sourcewater protection partners include: the DWP, the BPA, the Hancock County Aquatic Invasive Plant Working Group, the Hancock County Planning Commission, the Union River Watershed Coalition, Hancock County Healthy Communities, and the Frenchman’s Bay Conservancy.

XI. Summary The Maine DWP SWAP, completed in 2003, laid the groundwork for this project by evaluating the susceptibility of Branch Lake to contamination. A characterization of the Water Department, Branch Lake and the watershed was completed, as was a PCS inventory.

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