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Temp Trak Release Notes

Grayed out items denote features not included in UMHS Temp Trak product.

4.2 Build 6124

Fixed: TempTrak - ttCurrent2.asp - Fixed placement of Audit checkmark link on group banner if group also has a map link

Fixed: TempTrak - Fixed problem if logging profile set to "Log only during alarm periods" and sensor using group-level alarm profiles...was never logging

Fixed: TempTrak - Removed repeaters from 2Hr/12Hr reports and fixed display of non-temp data (humidity)

Added: Intelli-PDA - If PDA's handheldID is "*" or "**" only, then MobileRunime will auto-generate one and store it to the PDA registry

Added: Intelli-PDA - Allow creating "CAB" PDA install file & set server IP for batch configurations Also When specifying create CAB, PDA platform type (8800, 2800, 2003, etc.)

Changed: Intelli-Chain - Intelli-PDA reporting menu reflects form groups if assigned to a user instead of 4 app categories

Changed: Intelli-Ware - Changed all DB stored procedure/view/function references to qualify with [dbo].

Added: TempTrak - IWNotify - added new "%%UOM%%" parameter to message format options to display (C/F/%RH)

Changed: Enhanced IBHistoryTest to show total time buffered, # interval logged, TT Server IP, etc.

Fixed: Fixed Update1.esql to not display warning-related error messages

Changed: Enhanced Intelli-Ware install to allow user-defined installation location (drive/path)

Fixed: Fixed Javascript warning message after saving Handheld Configuration options (editWiFiOptions.asp)

Added: Intelli-PDA - Added support for MC50 (same codebase as PPT8800)

Changed: Intelli-PDA - changed "About" window to show Probe COM port & Server Platform directory

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