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Changed: Changed DBRecover to use registry setting for database user/password

4.2 Build 6066

Fixed: IWNotify - Fixed calculation of "time out of range"

Changed: TempTrak - Changed to Group Default Profiles to show ALL profile types, not just TEMP profiles

Fixed: Intelli-PDA - GenGetGroupingsXML.asp (Intelli-Chain), fixed display problem if a form that was part of the grouping hierarchy is deleted (previously gave XML errors in GenEditGroups.asp)

Fixed: Intelli-Chain - Fixed editing of PDA Form Groups: If a form was deleted, caused XML errors when editing, Did not maintain Form Group numbering if Form Groups were added / deleted / reordered, Added form group delete confirmation

Fixed: Intelli-Ware - FIXED a few missing [dbo] references in stored procedures causing reference errors

Fixed: TempTrak - Fixed display of # Expected Sensor Readings in Comm Status Report (ttAlarms.asp), also calculation of missed comm time

Changed: Intelli-Ware/TempTrak/Intelli-PDA - Cleaned up many additional "vw" view references to include "[dbo]"

Changed: TempTrak - Changed collector to set LastReadingGMT/Value, even if no logging profile in effect

Changed: TempTrak - Added new security role for "TempTrak Delete Sensors"

Fixed: Intelli-PDA - rtpSessionList.asp - fixed Closed Recordset error (variable scoping problem)

Changed: Intelli-Ware - IWNotify - Included web link to Intelli-Ware logon page in HTML email message

Fixed: TempTrak - Edit Sensor Attributes...fixed display of calibration adjustment for sensor if user is displaying in celsius

Changed: TempTrak - Collector - Added ignoring sensor readings of 399 to 401 & reporting as "temp out of range or missing probe"

Fixed: TempTrak - Reports (current temps, reports, etc) - was ignoring sensor readings below -100F...this is a problem if using the RTD "lab/clinical" sensor

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