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Changed: TempTrak - Added "Refresh Graph" button to ttHistory.asp graphs

Changed: TempTrak - ttAlarms.asp - Change to validate "Alarm Still Active" and/or update the AlarmEndTime if the alarm state has been exited.

Changed: TempTrak - Notifications/escalations - Changed options to allow users to specify switch to trip (1-8) as well as a switch "bit pattern" for switch combinations to be set.

Changed: TempTrak - Changed "Change Sensor Type" screen, added support for new sensor types (Humidity, NAFEM, etc).

Changed: TempTrak - Added additional change logging for Profile modifications, Base Stations & global setting changes (no details)

Changed: TempTrak - ttAlarms.asp - Added displaying of Yellow bell for partially delivered notifications (some failed)

Fixed: Intelli-Ware - Fixed SQL date/time logging format for International date formats that use some other character for time separators besides a colon (web pages, collector, iwnotify)

Changed: Intelli-PDA - Removed SlipStreamService.exe from std software image, Added PocketPC2003 files to System Status display (SystemStatus.asp)

Fixed: TempTrak - Fixed international time reference in: ttAlarms.asp when alarm still active & rptSecurityAudit.asp

Fixed: TempTrak - Collector...problem recording alarm if active alarm for both internal & external of same sensor at same time

Changed: IWNotify - Msg Bds & Relay switches now reset based on "Reset On User ACK" or "Reset On State OK" (before tried to manage these 2 types of notifications always dynamically...caused issues)

Fixed: IWNotify - Fixed "Time in alarm" calculation for email message display

Changed: Intelli-PDA - added additional status messages if unable to create handheld install CAB file

Fixed: TempTrak - Notification Groups...fixed display of member counts, member editing

Fixed: Intelli-PDA - MRInstallServer - Fixed problem where the setup.cpy, setup.reg & SiteOptions.reg files were being set with no data (0 length file in File Explorer).

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