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Changed: TempTrak - Collector - Added command re-trys when communicating with Intelli-Base during history retrieval (previously sent command and waited indefinately for a response - with some serial port connections we would never see the Intelli-Base respond and the collector would appear to hang)

Changed: Intelli-PDA - Added list of existing PDA CAB download files to Handheld Config page

Fixed: TempTrak - Collector - Added missing condition for problem previously stated as fixed on 3/27/06 (temp out of range). Was still logging value - now it will not.

Fixed: TempTrak - ttAlarms.asp - Removed change introduced 4/5/06 for changing database if alarm shows "Still active". Now just reports the end time, does not update database...was causing a DB update deadlock on some systems.

Changed: TempTrak - Added option to stop escalation on Alarm State Exit and/or User Acking alarm to escalation profile maintenance

Changed: Intelli-Ware - Added option to display/hide inactive user accounts when editing users

Fixed: Inteli-PDA - Fixed problem saving a Yes/No question when using "Report as Problem if YES" - was not saving setting.

Changed: TempTrak - Added option to Global Settings screen for handling "Dynamic Notification" reset conditions

4.2 Build 6039

Added: TempTrak - Added "Humidity" Alarm Profile type

Fixed: TempTrak - Collector - Fixed problem where collector was always auto-registering repeaters...even if auto-register was off

Fixed: TempTrak - Fixed SQL (fixNull) error when registering sensors and adding to group

Changed: Intelli-Base firmware update - added support for Temp+Humidity sensor history logging (previously was allowing real-time T+H data, but not historical)

Fixed: TempTrak - Fixed "export to excel" for ttHistory, ttCurrent - was generating an error message about switching encoding in newer versions of Excel (XP, 2003, etc)

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