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Fixed: TempTrak - ttCurrent2.asp - For humidity sensors with no alarm range set, was showing a "Range: 0 - 0" message

Changed: TempTrak - Renamed "Monthly QA Report" to "Equipment QA Report" on menus

Fixed: TempTrak - QA Report...fixed pie chart pop display if area=100%...previously the "1" was being truncated

Changed: TempTrak - Modified KTGUtil & Intelli-Base Flash Update utility to remove / rebuild upgrades directory, if needed

Added: Security Role Functions - Added option to "Disable" features

Changed: Added check during logon to give a warning if using MSDE database and approaching size limitation.

Will give a warning if size within 400MB of limit (2GB)

Will give a Critical warning if size with 100MB of limit (2GB)

Changed: TempTrak - Changed Group Maintenance to add "Enable Group Auditing" flag. By default, group auditing not enabled for any sensor groups. If not enabled, no check-mark on group temp display & not listed as a group choice when performing an audit.

Changed: TempTrak - Sensor attributes...added optional parameter when profile processing is based on a contact sensor state to "delay" the processing until the contact has been in the desired state for at least -X- minutes.

Changed: TempTrak - Changed "Hourly" report to every 2 hours...to allow no missed columns when printing in Landscape mode

Changed: TempTrak - Sensor registration: for sensor IDs "Txxx-xxx" - changed default type to "Dual Temp" instead of "Single Temp"

Added: TempTrak - Added "Humidty" as Message Format sensor type

Changed: TempTrak - Replace Sensor - changed "Change Logging" to show all sensor names (probes) affected in log (previously just first probe name was reported)

Fixed: TempTrak - editAlarmProfile.asp - corrected problem when user is set for Celsius & editing a non-temperature profile...was converting units to celsius when should have been no conversion.

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