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Fixed: TempTrak - ttCurrent2.asp - Fixed problem of always displaying Humidity reading in Red if there was no alarm profile assigned.

Changed: TempTrak - ttcurrent2.asp - Added displaying of "No Sensor Reading" if no data has been received for a sensor yet (rather than 0 or nothing)

Changed: Intelli-PDA - Added data compression for transfers between PDA & PC...typically 40-60%

Fixed: Intelli-PDA - Fixed problem with Suspend/Resume feature that could cause application errors / aborts

4.1 Build 6023

Added: Added Intelli-Ware Database Recovery command line options to perform automatic recovery . Also added LogMonitor log file for DBRecover.

Fixed: Intelli-PDA - Changed some substitution formatting for standard text messages (i.e. "Beginning Deferred", etc) where PDA was displaying CSL code instead of proper variable substitutions

Fixed: Intelli-PDA - Fixed problem when user is Celsius, defers a temp-related corrective action, and the defer screen showing the original input would display temp in fahrenheit

Added: TempTrak/Mobile...adding reporting link from Data Logger detail report to session detail report

Added: TempTrak - Collector - Added support for new EXTERNAL Temp/Humidity sensor

Changed: IWNotify - If no "Last Check" registry entry exists, now defaults to NOT process every notification request in the database (was causing problems when upgrading if registry key was deleted)

Changed: TempTrak - Monthly QA Report...added reporting option to specify time periods / end date

Changed: TempTrak - Monthly QA Report - Added displaying of Humidity sensors (previously only Temp sensors)

Changed: TempTrak - Daily Temp Summary - Added proper UOM display for humidity (was displaying F/C)

Fixed: TempTrak - Collector - Fixed problem with new Temp./Humidity sensor...was incorrectly processing packets only when RESET was *not* pressed.

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