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Fixed: TempTrak - Fixed "Replace Sensor" to replace both Internal+External sensor IDs for the new dial-temp sensors (previously only changed 1 of the 2 IDs)

Changed: TempTrak - When registering dual sensors, if auto-disabling one of the temp probes, that probe will not be added to the sensor group automatically

Added: Added displaying of Note & Audit information to Sensor Alerts/Notes report

Added: Added option to "Add Note" to Sensor Alerts report

Added: Added new "Record Audit/Snapshot" capability to Configuation -> TempTrak menu

Changed: TempTrak - TTCurrent2.asp - Adds display of last snapshot/audit when viewing a group & also provides a link to perform audit, if user has capability

Added: TempTrak - Created new Sensor Audit Report

Changed: TempTrak - Fixed problem in ttCurrentXML.asp - XML errors because of   in date/time stamp (from interim build 6022) for int'l date formatting

Changed: Added text highlighting to LogMonitor.exe

4.1 Build 5321

Changed: TempTrak - ttCurrentMap.asp/maps.js - removed "@ [time]" from icon label...to shorten label display.

Fixed: TempTrak - Sensor Attribute editing...if a sensor was implicitly part of a group (i.e. group membership determined by base station), then after saving attributes, sensor became an explicit member of group along with implicit member.

Fixed: TempTrak - ttGroupMapEdit.asp & ttViewMapEdit.asp - Problem saving locations if sensors were part of view/group implicitly by base station groupings (would not save positions)

Changed: TempTrak - RF Topology report - added sensor ID to each node box

Changed: TempTrak - Collector - External sensor adjustment enabled by default

Changed: TempTrak - View / Group edit...defaults to only showing "in use" sensors. Added checkbox to include not In use & relocated sensors in list.

Changed: TempTrak - Added 5 Year option for data retention period

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