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The judge had this to say about MacPhee’s lack of a CPA degree or certification in certain accounting fraud detection professional organizations and Mr. E’s criticism of her:

The type of expertise truly needed in this case is someone who can take poorly kept, incomplete records, involving commingled funds, and reconstruct the business out of them. MacPhee has training in accounting matters and experience in forensic accounting situations. She has worked as an accounting analyst reconstructing what really happened in the M&L Business Machine case, one of the major Ponzi schemes to reach the bankruptcy courts. Experience and training, despite the lack of a specific degree or designation, qualify her to render an expert opinion on accounting matters related to the reconstruction or analysis of business records, especially when a Ponzi-type business, with commingling of funds, is suspected.

While she does not have the credentials of belonging to all the professional groups that Mr. E does, she has accounting training and experience in working on Ponzi cases, and has done an admirable job in assisting the court in understanding debtors’ operations - - a much more intellectually honest job than Mr. E at that. She qualifies as an expert in reconstructive accounting in a situation where the books and records are incomplete and not up to standards, and the funds of the debtors are commingled.

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