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Network World Magazine

Connecting with readers since 1986

Network World starts and ends with the idea that connectivity is what empowers the modern, information-driven organization. We focus on everything that changes the network and everything the network changes, serving our readers with breaking IT industry news; timely anal- ysis of IT products and trends; rigorous product testing; and expert opinio and advice on managing technology, people, and their own careers.

When you speak to Network World, you connect with a powerful audience. 100% are involved in purchasing products and services, 63% purchase for more than 2 enterprise sites. Ninety-six percent (96%) of our readers hold management positions. Their average technology budget is $117 million.

Because we consistently respond to their needs, the executives we serve are remarkably engaged. On average, 92% of our readers (490,000+, including more than 170,000 subscribers and pass-along readership) peruse three out of four issues, spending 66 minutes on each.

After looking at an ad, within 12 months...

  • »

    75% visit the vendor’s website

  • »

    55% discuss it with someone else

  • »

    40% request additional information

  • »

    38% recommend the purchase of the product or service

  • »

    About 2 out of 5 buy the product or service

We continue to engage our readers year after year, by involving the technology community in ongoing discussion. Need more proof of our success? After reading the magazine, 78% immediately go to NetworkWorld.com.

Sources: Harvey Ad Measurement Study, Network World May 10, 2010 issue; Publisher’s Data, June 2009; Network World BPA, June 2010; Harvey Ad Measurement Study, Network World August 9, 2010 issue.

Network World Media Kit 2011


$5.7 Billion

is the mean company revenue of Network World print subscribers.

Network orld is a high- level resource for me, and the ads are a quick snap- shot of the current players in the marketplace.”

IT/Network Manager Retail/Wholesale Industry

“There is a great diversity of information in etwork

orld. Since I buy for a business, it’s important to have the kinds of unbiased articles that etwork orld is able to provide.”

Manager Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Harvey Ad Measurement Study August 9, 2010


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