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anothe , that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:14- 16, AV)

Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones comments, I believe the faith referred to by our Lord [Mark 11:22-24] and by James [5:15] as the prayer of faith, is a given faith. . . . All true divinely wrought miracle is given; and the prayer of faith is given. No one can work it up; he either has it or he does not have such faith. It partly depends upon a mans general spirituality and his general faith in God and still more upon Gods sovereign will. 50

Dr. Lloyd-Jones summarizes his thoughts on miraculous healing thus: God can work miracles today as he has done in the past ages. Perhaps we should expect him to do so as the days are darkening and the forces of evil seem to be emerging in an unusually aggressive and potent manner. We must not exclude dogmatically, as we have often tended to do, the manifestation and demonstration of the power of God to heal diseases, or to do anything that he wills and chooses to do.51 Dr. Lloyd-Jones points to the admonition of I Thessalonians 5:19-21:

  • Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Christian Medical Association Position Statement: Sharing Faith in Practice

As Christians we should share the good news of Jesus Christ. Christ has explicitly called us to make disciples.

As Christian physicians and dentists we seek the well-being of our patients in our cov- enantal relationship with them. Clinical studies have demonstrated the importance of spiritual health in physical well being. It is concern for the well-being of our patients that leads us to take a spiritual history from and share our faith with our patients.

As Christians we acknowledge the central role of the Holy Spirit in the process of evan- gelism. We rely on the discernment provided by the Holy Spirit to know when and how it is appropriate to share our faith. We recognize conversion is the Spirits work, not ours.

Our faith should be implicit in our actions. We should be prepared to share our faith with patients and colleagues when our actions and the Holy Spirit prompt them to ask us questions. We should readily accept invitations from our patients to pray with them. We should offer to pray with our patients when they have indicated a belief in God and a practice of prayer. Some physicians and dentists choose to make their faith manifest through their statements, attire, or their office environment. Such indicators are not inherently disrespectful of patients and have the beneficial effect of mak- ing them aware of their doctors faith perspective.

At times we may be prompted to initiate sharing our faith with our patients. In these situations, recognizing their vulnerability, it is appropriate to receive their permission for such an interaction. We should remain sensitive to patients wishes in such interactions, especially when communicating with those who are of another culture or when caring for patients with diminished decision-making capacity.

Just as we respect our patients and their beliefs, our faith should be respected by the institutions in which we work. Policies that prohibit physicians and dentists from sharing their faith with others as described above

restrict the freedoms of speech and religion of all involved and should be opposed.

4. Resources

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Larimore, MD

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William C. Forbes, DDS and Richard Topazian

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