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All rangers have basic survival skills in their primary terrain. Additional pro iciency slots may be spent to add more terrain types. Thus, if a ranger spends slots to acquire this proficiency, he must choose a terrain type other than his primary terrain, giving him the survival proficiency in two types of terrain.

Most rangers will have this proficiency in outdoor land terrain without spending any slots, as discussed in Chapter 2. Generally, success chances in urban, man-made, or aquatic terrains are halved, unless a specific kit description says otherwise. Some kits give tracking in alternative terrains instead of the usual outdoor land environment.

Rangers of any character kit can acquire these proficiencies by spending the points listed in Table 55. The "Crossover Groups" mentioned at the end of the description are eligible to buy the proficiency at the normal cost. Groups not mentioned may buy the proficiency by paying one additional point beyond the listed cost.

A character with this proficiency is exceptionally attuned to his surroundings, able to detect disturbances and notice discrepancies. A successful proficiency check reduces his chance of being surprised by 1. (This replaces the description of this proficiency in .) General.

This proficiency allows the character to pilot any small boat, such as a kayak or canoe, operating it at maximum speed. It also allows make minor repairs and improvements in these boats, such as waterproofing them and patching holes. A successful proficiency check enables the character to handle the craft in treacherous situations; for instance, maneuvering the boat though choppy water without capsizing it, or avoiding collisions when guiding it through a narrow channel choked with rocks or ice. Note that while the navigation and seamanship proficiencies deal with ships in oceans, seas, and other large bodies of water, the boating proficiency is confined to small craft on rivers, lakes, on oceans close to shore, and over similar terrain, usually on relatively calm waters.


By using this proficiency, the character can attempt to conceal himself, his companions, and inanimate objects by using natural or man-made materials. Successful use assumes the availability of all necessary materials. In forests and jungles, the

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