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character can use shrubbery, mud, and other readily available resources. Arctic or similarly barren terrain usually requires special clothing, paints, or other artificial materials (although "digging in" is an old trick which may be applicable in such terrain, depending on local conditions). It takes a character a half-hour to camouflage himself or another person, two or three hours to conceal a cart or inanimate object of comparable size, and a half-day to hide a small building.

Neither human, demihuman, monster, nor animal passersby will be able to see a camouflaged character, presuming the character makes a successful proficiency check. Camouflaged companions will also go unnoticed; only one proficiency check is required for the entire group.

Objects may also be camouflaged. Objects the size of a person require no penalty to the check; cart-sized objects require a -1 penalty, while building-sized objects require a -3 penalty. The DM may adjust penalties based on these guidelines.

Camouflaging has no effect on predators that locate prey by scent or other keen senses; a hungry wolf can still sniff out a camouflaged human. A camouflaged person has no protection against a passerby who accidently brushes against or bumps into him. Likewise, a camouflaged person may reveal himself if he sneezes, cries out from the sting of a bee, or makes any other sound.

Note that camouflaging is only necessary for persons or objects that would otherwise be partially or entirely exposed. A person hiding behind a stone wall wouldn't need to be camouflaged to avoid detection, nor would a buried object.

Fighter, Rogue.

This proficiency grants skill at map making. A character can draw maps to scale, complete with complex land formations, coastal outlines, and other geographic features. The character must be reasonably familiar with the area being mapped.

The DM makes a proficiency check in secret to determine the accuracy of the map. A successful proficiency check means that the map is correct in all significant details. If the roll fails, the map contains a few errors, possibly a significant one. A roll of exactly 20 means the map contains serious errors, making it useless.


This proficiency enables a character to estimate the total distance he's traveled in any given day, part of a day, or a number of consecutive days equal to his level. For instance, a 7th level character can estimate the distance he's traveled in the previous week. The estimate will be 90% accurate.


This is most properly the Animal Training (Falcon) proficiency. A character with this pro iciency is an expert in training and handling falcons, enabling him to teach them

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