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chance of striking an eye. An opponent struck in the eye is blinded for 1d4 rounds and has a 10% chance of permanently losing sight in the eye.

The falcon can be commanded by hand signals as well as by voice. The falcon takes an object from the falconer, flies away with it, and conceals it. The falcon will retrieve the object on command.

The falcon is trained as a fighting bird. It has a +2 attack bonus against any ighting bird that is not so trained.

The falcon will immediately return to the falconer upon receiving the command.

The falcon is trained to attack a specific individual. The falcon never checks morale when attacking the individual.

By using this proficiency, a character can search a wilderness area to locate a small amount of a desired material, such as a branch suitable for carving into a bow, enough kindling to start a fire, a medicinal herb, or a component required for a spell. The character must spend 2-8 (2d4) hours searching, and the material must theoretically be available in the area being searched (for instance an icicle isn't available in the desert, nor dry kindling on the ocean floor). The DM doesn't confirm if the material sought is actually available until after the character has searched for the designated period. If the DM decides the material isn't in the area, no proficiency check is necessary; he merely reveals that the search was in vain.

If the DM decides the material is indeed available, a successful proficiency check means the character has found what he's been looking for. As a rule of thumb, the character locates no more than a handful of the desired material, though the DM may make exceptions (if searching for a few leaves of a particular herb, the character may instead find an entire field).

If the check fails, the material isn't found. The character may search a different area, requiring another 2-8 hours and a new proficiency check.

Warrior, Rogue.

This proficiency enables the character to make a compelling argument to convince a subject NPC character to see things his way, respond more favorably, or comply with a request. The character engages the NPC in conversation for at least 10 rounds (meaning that the subject must be willing to talk with the character in the first place); subjects whose attitudes are threatening or hostile aren't affected by this proficiency.

A successful proficiency check means that the subject's reaction is modi ied by +2 in

favor of the character (see Table 59 in Chapter 11 of the


This bonus is

cumulative with any other reaction modifiers, such as those derived

from Charisma; other reaction modifiers don't apply. For every additional slot a character spends on this proficiency, he boosts the reaction modifier by +1 (for example, spending

two slots on this proficiency gives a +3 reaction bonus).


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