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Sphere: Plant Range: 10 yards/level Components: V, S, M Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level Casting Time: 4 Area of Effect: 5-foot/level cube Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell causes characters entering the affected area to suffer extreme allergic reactions. It may be cast on any field, meadow, forest, or other outdoor area with an abundance of plant life, causing the plants to produce pollen, antigens, or similar allergens. Characters coming in contact with the affected area who fail their saving throws vs. spell, experience swelling of the eyes, fits of sneezing, and dull headaches for the next 2-5 (1d4+1) turns. During that time, they make all attack rolls and ability checks at a -1 penalty.

The spell affects a cubic volume whose sides are 5 feet long per level of the caster; thus, a 9th-level caster could affect a 45'x45'x45' cube. The spell lasts until the end of the indicated duration, or until the first frost, whichever comes first.

The material component for this spell is a pinch of ragweed.


Sphere: Plant Range: Special Components: V, S Duration: Special Casting Time: 4 + Special Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None

A caster who has lost a quarry's trail while using the tracking proficiency can use this spell to proceed. The spell only works in terrain containing some type of vegetation (such as trees, grass, or seaweed). The quarry must have left some potential trail on which the

spell can act (the spell cannot track a creature that has example).


, for

If successful, within an hour after casting the spell, the vegetation in a particular area will begin to flutter, as if being blown by a gentle breeze. If the wind is already blowing, the vegetation moves up and down, or moves in another unusual way to attract the caster's attention. When examining this area, the caster will notice a footprint, broken twig, or other sign previously overlooked, indicating to correct trail. The spell has a success chance of 60% + 2% per level of the caster.

This spell will immediately negate a

spell if cast directly for that

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