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purpose, otherwise it will still function normally to allow tracking along the disguised trail.

Any spellcaster with access to both the plant sphere and the tracking proficiency can use this spell.


Sphere: Animal Range: Touch Components: V, S Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 4 Area of Effect: One animal Saving Throw: None

This spell allows the caster to heal an animal by transferring life force (hit points) from himself to the animal. If the animal is touched with one hand, it regains 1d4 hit

points, just as if it had received a

spell. Touching the animal with both

hands restores 2d4 hit points. In either case, the caster temporarily loses the number of hit points that the animal regains. The caster will recover his lost hit points 1-4 hours later (if he transferred 3 hit points, he recovers 3 hit points in 1-4 hours). The caster's recovery of these hit points has no effect on the restored animal.

During the 1-4 hours before the caster recovers his transferred hit points, he feels weak and dizzy, making all attack rolls at a -1 penalty during that time. Should the ranger die during that 1-4 hour period, the recovery process stops immediately and no hit points are recovered.

The animal cannot recover hit points beyond the normal allotment. For instance, an animal that normally has 10 hit points, but has been reduced to 6 due an injury, can't receive more than 4 hit points from this spell. Also, the caster will have at least 1 hit point remaining after using this spell; if the caster has 6 hit points, he won't transfer more than 5 to a damaged animal.

works on animals only; it has no effect on humans, demihumans, humanoids, magical creatures, etc. The spell is not reversible; that is, an injured caster can't receive hit points from an animal.


Sphere: Animal Range: 0 Components: V, S, M Duration: 3 rounds + 1 rnd/level Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: One creature Saving Throw: None

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