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By using this spell, the caster can temporarily see through the eyes of any animal. The caster points at any single animal within 100 yards, then closes his eyes and remains stationary. In his mind's eye, he sees whatever the animal is seeing. If the subject animal is a squirrel studying the party from a tree branch, the caster sees himself and the party from the perspective of the squirrel. If the subject animal is a bird soaring overhead, the caster gets a bird's eye view of the area below.

The spell has no effect on the subject animal, nor can the caster control the animal's actions in any way. The animal is unaware of the spell and acts as it normally would. The spell persists until the end of its duration, or the caster moves or takes another action. The caster may voluntarily negate the spell by opening his eyes. The spell also ends if the animal is killed, or moves more than 100 yards away from the caster.

The subject animal must be one normally found in nature. It may not be supernatural, human, demihuman, nor of extraplanar origin.

The spell requires a glass lens no larger than one inch in diameter as a focus, which is not consumed in the casting.


Sphere: Animal Range: 60 yards + 10 yards/level Components: V, S, M Duration: 8 hours Casting Time: 5 Area of Effect: 1 animal follower Saving Throw: None

Occasionally, a ranger's animal follower may wander away in search of food or a mate. An animal follower may also be abducted or trapped. The spell helps the ranger find such lost creatures.

The spell takes affect once the ranger fixes in his mind the follower being sought. The spell locates only that specific follower.

Once the spell is cast, the ranger slowly turns in a circle. If the follower is within range, the ranger senses when he is facing in the direction of the sought follower. If the follower isn't within range, the spell doesn't work. If the follower moves out of the area of effect, the spell is immediately negated. As soon as the ranger sees the lost follower, the spell ends. The spell is blocked by lead.

The spell works only on a natural animal follower (including giant animals); not a supernatural creature, human, demihuman, humanoid, or other. If the follower is dead, the spell still seeks it out, providing other conditions of casting are met.

The material component is a hair, feather, scale or other physical remnant of the lost

follower. The reverse of this spell,

, hides an animal follower from detection

by spells, crystal balls, and similar means for eight hours.

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