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Sphere: Animal Range: 0 Components: V, S Duration: Special Casting Time: 6 Area of Effect: 10 mile radius/level Saving Throw: None

A ranger who has not yet received his full allotment of followers can use this spell in an attempt to summon one. After the spell is cast, the DM secretly consults the list of followers he's chosen for the ranger, or rolls an appropriate table. If the DM decides that a potential follower exists within the area of effect, the follower appears within the next 24 hours. If the DM decides that a follower isn't available within the area of effect, nothing happens (no follower appears). Note that the ranger can't request a specific type of follower; as always, the type of follower is up to the DM. The spell can be attempted no more than once per month.

Notes on staging the arrival of the follower are also given in Chapter 3.


Sphere: Plant Range: Touch Components: V, S Duration: Special Casting Time: 1 turn Area of Effect: One tree Saving Throw: None

A variation of the 4th-level priest spell,

, this spell enables a ranger

to ask a simple question to a tree and receive a spoken response. The tree can be any species, so long as its trunk is at least 1 foot in diameter. Before casting the spell, the ranger must spend at least an hour carving a humanoid face in the trunk; if the ranger has a proficiency in wood carving (a variation of artistic ability), he can carve a suitable face in one turn.

After carving the face, the ranger spends 1 turn casting the spell, at which time the face becomes animated, twitching and grimacing as if just awakening from a long sleep. The tree face then looks at the caster expectantly, waiting for a question. The caster may ask the tree any single question that can be answered in a single word or short phrase. Typical questions might include: "Has a dragon passed this way within the last few days?" "Has it rained here recently?" "Are there any fruit trees nearby?" The tree answers the question honestly. If the question is beyond the scope of its knowledge, the tree says, "I don't know." After answering, the face disappears.

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