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The DM should keep in mind that a typical tree doesn't know very much, as it has little experience, never travels, and rarely interacts with other living things in meaningful ways. As a rule of thumb, a tree's knowledge is limited to things it has observed (passersby, weather conditions) and general information about the immediate area (animal populations, location of landmarks). A tree can't give dependable advice or make judgements. If the DM is in doubt about what a particular tree knows, the tree answers, "I don't know."


Sphere: Animal Range: 30 yards Components: V, S Duration: 1 round/level Casting Time: 6 Area of Effect: One animal Saving Throw: Special

This spell temporarily enables any animal to perform a trick it normally doesn't know or lacks the intelligence to execute. The animal must be within 30 yards of the caster and must be able to hear his spoken commands. If these conditions are met, the animal will do exactly what the ranger tells it. A lion will batter down the door of a cell, a cat will fetch a key and carry it in its mouth, a parrot will draw a circle in the sand with its claw. A creature with less than 5 hit dice and no prior allegiances receives no saving throw. Any willing creature predisposed to aid the caster (such as an animal follower) will not resist this spell at all.

The animal can't execute a trick or task that exceeds its physical limitations. A snake can't pick a lock, and a horse can't play a trumpet. Note also that the caster must give specific instructions, not general commands. If the caster commands a lion to "Get something to help me put out this fire," the puzzled lion won't know what do to. However, if the caster says, "Take this bucket in your mouth, dip it in the stream, and carry the water back to me," the lion will do as it's told.

The caster can take other actions while the animal is completing the trick. Once the animal completes its trick, the caster may give it additional tricks to complete until the spell expires. If the spell expires while the animal is in the middle of a trick, or if the spell is broken by some means, the animal immediately stops what it's doing.


Sphere: Plant Range: Touch Components: V, S, M Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 6 Area of Effect: One plant Saving Throw: None

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