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required for smaller sleds. A typical 8-dog sled travels at a movement rate of 15 with a load of about 680 lbs., including the sled.

When adjudicating movement via dog sled, DMs should take into account that animals not bred or trained to pull a sled can create a considerable amount of trouble for the driver--tangling traces, fighting with nearby animals, and so on--and movement could be slower than expected.

This is a single-person boat, fast-moving and easy to maneuver. Its lashed wooden frame is about ten feet long and two feet wide, covered with canvas, sealskins, or hides of similar water-dwelling animals. The skins are attached to the frame, allowed to tighten by drying, then coated with oil to make the craft water resistant. The passenger squeezes into the hole in the top of the craft and sits so his legs extend into the bow. To seal out water, the opening of the kayak has an "apron" (often made of whale intestines) which the kayaker laces around his waist. He propels the kayak with a single long oar with a paddle on either end. A kayak can move 200'/round (its movement rate can be rounded down to 6) and it can carry 250 pounds.

This resembles a dog sled with inflated skins in place of runners, enabling the craft to float on the surface of the water. Long leather reins, treated with waterproo ing oil, connect with the animals pulling it, usually a team of eight seals or six dolphins. A water sled carries no more than two passengers (about 480 pounds, including the sled), unless the animals pulling it are exceptionally fast and strong. Made to ride as much above the water as in it, the sled can achieve a top movement rate of 15 if pulled by strong steeds, but 9-12 is a more sustainable speed.

This simple device helps a character function underwater. A breathing tube made of a hollow reed, about a foot long, strengthened with wax and treated with waterproofing oil. The user places the tube in his mouth, then submerges himself with the end of the tube protruding from the water. The tube enables the submerged user to breathe indefinitely.

This compact leather case contains several cakes of greasepaint (in various shades of brown, green, yellow, and black), applicator brushes, a jar of paint removal cream, and a small mirror. Characters apply the paint to areas of exposed flesh to help them blend in with their surroundings. A kit contains 12 uses.

By itself, camouflage paint doesn't give a character any particular advantage. However, when used with a terrain suit (described above), it boosts the character's success chances by +1. The camouflage proficiency is required to apply the camouflage

paint well; those without this proficiency have

the usual chance of success. A

character using camouflage paint and a terrain suit gains a +2 bonus to his camouflage


Made of chain links with a leather muzzle, this leash can be adjusted to it any animal ranging in size from a small dog to a wolf. The length of the leash varies

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