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from 6-12 feet long. When using a properly-fitted chain leash on an animal, a character receives a +1 bonus to his animal training proficiency checks. Chain leashes are available in other sizes and lengths to fit larger and smaller animals.

Also called a perch glove, this is a heavy arm-length glove of thick leather upon which a falcon or hawk can perch.

This equipment makes falcon training more ef icient. A character using the falconry proficiency without this equipment suffers a -2 penalty to training proficiency checks. One set is required for each falcon.

Each set consists of

(leather bands with rings, attached to the falcon's legs),

(metal coverings for the bird-s claws to prevent it from harming the owner

during training), a

(a slender leather leash attached to the jesses, held by the user

or secured to the perch glove), and a

(a leather covering fitting over the falcon-s

head that restricts vision; the hood forces the falcon to rely on its senses of hearing, touch, and taste). Customized or richly appointed equipment, such as an embroidered

hood or golden jesses, is also available, usually at double or triple the normal price.

This meticulously crafted set of polished wooden lures, colorful flies made of feathers and catgut cord, bone hooks, and cork bobbers can be quite useful in the hands of a skilled fisherman. If used by a character with the fishing proficiency, the proficiency checks are modified by +1.

This is a waterproofed leather or canvas backpack or handbag containing cloth bandages, splints, needles and thread (for stitching wounds), ointments, and a selection of herbs for soothing pain (these don't heal damage). It also has room for special medicines, such as poison antidotes or healing potions, but these are not included in the standard kit. The kit is useful in treating injuries of all types; a character with the healing or veterinary healing proficiency without this kit or equivalent may not be able to use the proficiency, depending on the situation.

Applying this rare, minty cream over a character's face, arms, and other areas of exposed flesh repels bees, ants, and all other types of insects less than 1 Hit Die in size. One application wears off after 8 hours. A jar of insect repellent contains 12 applications.

A scent lure is a pungent liquid used to attract animals in the wild. Each scent lure attracts a specific type of animal, usually woodland game such as deer, wolf, or fox; individual animals of the species find the odor irresistible.

Each bottle of scent lure contains five applications. One application near a tree, rock, or snare has a 15% chance of attracting an animal of the given species within 24 hours, presuming the animal passes within 100 yards of the application (the DM determines if an animal comes close enough). Extra applications do not increase the chance of attraction. The scent evaporates in 24 hours.

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