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This consists of a leather strap two or three feet long that connects a wooden handle to a block of wood about a foot long. Farmers use the grain flail to thresh wheat, barley, and other grassy crops. It also makes a good bludgeoning weapon.

This one-handed woodsman's axe has a broad blade, a smooth wooden handle for a good grip, and its own leather scabbard for the head, which can be strapped to the wearer's belt. The hatchet is useful for chopping wood and serves as an excellent melee weapon.

This special type of metal awl is used to break holes in frozen lakes for ice fishing and to chip away ice chunks when building snow houses. (Note, however, that the snow blade, or iuak, described below, is the primary tool for such a job.) Consisting of a bone or wood handle and a sharp metal point about six inches long, an ice pick also can

be used as an impaling weapon.

Also called an

, the snow blade resembles a machete made of bone,

about two feet long and six inches wide. The end is flat rather than pointed. Mainly used by arctic rangers to slice blocks of snow to make shelters, the snow blade also doubles as a weapon.

Farmers in tropical regions use this 3-foot-long flat blade to chop cane and clear undergrowth. Wielded like a sword, it can inflict serious damage. The price of a machete includes a canvas sheath.

This 6-foot-long weapon consists of a wooden shaft with a point and a hook on the same end. Primarily used by primitive tribes of arctic and tundra regions for hunting bear and other large game, the ritiik is thrust, not thrown. When the point pierces the animal, the user jerks and twists the shaft to embed the hook.

A curved blade attached to a 5-foot wooden pole, this farm tool is used to cut grain at harvest and also doubles as a weapon. A user wields the scythe by holding the short wooden bars on the end opposite the blade. The scythe is always used as a two- handed weapon.


9 sp



20 gp


Arctic coat**

10 gp


Boots, Waterproofed 4 gp


Breathing Tube

2 sp


Camouflage Paint Kit

50 gp


A b a * *

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