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Regardless of whether he's lawful good, neutral good, or chaotic good, a ranger has definite ideas about the difference between right and wrong. He behaves honestly, and most rangers believe in altruism and service. Selfishness and greed are antithetical to the ranger. He champions the powerless and fights for the weak. In many cases, a ranger's respect for life extends to animals as well as humans. Though in essence rangers are warriors, most have no fondness for war. Even when fighting for a cause in which he believes, the ranger looks forward to the end of the conflict and the natural healing process promised by peace.

A ranger is as much a creature of the wilderness as a lion or wild horse. Many rangers ind urban life suffocating and would no more make their homes in a city than volunteer for a prison sentence. A typical ranger prefers songbirds to orchestras, flowers to jewelry, and forests to grand castles. Most rangers are sophisticated enough to handle themselves well in urban settings, but they generally can't wait to finish their business and leave.

By virtue of his duties and disposition, the ranger spends a lot of time alone. Most rangers come to enjoy the solitary life, and have no particular need for the company of other people. In most cases, animals satisfy a ranger's desire for companionship.

On the positive side, the ranger's penchant for solitude encourages him to be self-reliant and independent. On the negative side, rangers may come across as remote and detached, even antisocial. While a ranger may be perfectly capable of social etiquette, his companions may believe that he's not especially interested in fostering lasting friendships.

By observing wild animals, many rangers have learned the importance of keeping their emotions in check. A juvenile wolf who charges impulsively is certain to scare away his prey. A young lioness who makes unprovoked, pointless attacks against the pride leader may find herself ostracized and alone. Consequently, rangers often conceal their feelings from friends and strangers alike, revealing little about themselves in actions or words. For all but the ranger's closest companions, it's often difficult to tell if he's happy or sad, angry or forgiving, troubled or content.

Though rangers certainly experience emotions as deeply as anyone else, many suffer in silence when wounded, and grieve in private at the loss of a beloved animal or comrade. A ranger's companions invariably find him to be a dependable, competent, and trustworthy professional. But as a person, he often remains an impenetrable enigma.

Many rangers are deeply and privately spiritual, perceiving their access to spells and their appreciation of nature as gifts from a greater power. Whether a ranger worships

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