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Explorer, Seeker, Stalker.

An arrogant ranger believes he can do no wrong. He views indecision as weakness and compromise as cowardice. He glories in the memory of his accomplishments, which typically have been both numerous and impressive. If there are stronger, smarter, or more skilled rangers than himself, he is unaware of them--or at least, he chooses not to acknowledge them.

Haughty, confident, patronizing, energetic, extroverted, optimistic.

Falconer, Forest Runner, Giant Killer, Mountain Man, Warden.

A boisterous ranger has little patience with social etiquette. He says what he thinks and behaves as he pleases, and may be oblivious to how his actions might offend others. A man of action, he likes to get to the point, avoiding what he considers to be time- wasting conversation and endless planning. Beneath it all, there often beats a heart of purest gold.

Brash, impulsive, lusty, spontaneous, intimidating, vulgar. Feralan, Forest Runner, Giant Killer, Mountain Man, Pathfinder.

Usually as a result of limited contact with other people, the distrustful ranger remains emotionally distant from strangers and comrades alike. He may be cordial and cooperative, but he rarely gets close to anyone other than his animal followers. He is awkward in social situations, uncomfortable in large groups, and suspicious of friendly overtures. The reason is usually hidden in his past.

Suspicious, paranoid, cold, reflective, lonely, moody. Beastmaster, Falconer, Feralan, Forest Runner, Mountain Man.

The inspiring ranger radiates authority and confidence, making him a natural leader. He instinctively takes charge in times of crisis, displaying bold initiative when others hesitate to act. His companions depend on his decisiveness and common sense, and he rarely lets them down. Always, he is the first to the battlefield and the last to leave.

Flamboyant, fearless, cheerful, driven, virtuous, honorable.

Explorer, Forest Runner, Justifier, Sea Ranger, Warden.

The laconic ranger is a soft-spoken, thorough professional. He says little, sees much, and lets others go their own way as he goes his. He takes quiet pleasure in a job well done, and avoids needless confrontation with lazy, the foolish, and the incompetent (though he might remark with shrewd humor upon their foibles). He nearly always lends his neighbor a helping hand.

Steady, thoughtful, pithy, keen, practical, skilled, canny.

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