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Falconer, Guardian, Justifier, Pathfinder.

The melancholy ranger shoulders the weight of the world. Plagued with self-doubt and tormented by the injustice of a seemingly indifferent universe, he is preoccupied with his own misery and prone to deep depression. Ironically, though he may perceive himself as a failure, he may actually be quite accomplished. Whatever success he experiences, however, doesn't seem to bring him much pleasure.

Brooding, quiet, cynical, tentative, impulsive, neurotic. Guardian, Greenwood Ranger, Justifier, Warden, Seeker.

The merry ranger is full of the joy of life. He spreads springtime and sunlight wherever he goes, regardless of how bleak the situation may be. Always ready with a tale, a story, or a practical joke to break the tension, he puts the counsel of the eternal doom-sayer to shame. Though he may, in fact, have serious problems of his own, these never discourage him for long, nor does he inflict them on his companions.

Bright, flippant, vibrant, honest, buoyant, optimistic. Forest Runner, Mountain Man, Pathfinder, Sea Ranger.

The mysterious ranger envelops himself in an aura of secrecy, keeping even the most pedestrian details of his background hidden from his companions. He seldom speaks, and when he does, his words may be ambiguous or laden with cryptic overtones. Though he dutifully ful ills his role within a party, he minimizes his contact with his comrades. For no apparent reason, he may disappear for days at a time, then reappear as unexpectedly as he departed. He may whisper poetry to his followers, make bizarre notations on the trunks of trees, or brew sweet-smelling soup which he dumps on the ground rather than drink, all without explanation. His strange behavior may be due to religious reasons, cultural requirements, or merely a desire to keep his companions at arm's length.

Eccentric, threatening, somber, distant, taciturn, studious. Feralan, Pathfinder, Seeker, Stalker.

The nurturing ranger serves as a caretaker and counselor, supporting his companions and followers in times of stress. He comforts the troubled, reassures the doubtful, and soothes the anxious. He has a kind word for all and strives to bring out the best in his friends by bolstering their self-esteem. He may leave leadership roles to others, preferring to work in the background, or a loss of leadership or sudden crisis may bring him to the fore.

Diplomatic, inquisitive, philosophic, humble, passive, empathetic.

Falconer, Guardian, Greenwood Ranger, Seeker.

A single, all-consuming goal motivates the obsessed ranger to the exclusion of all

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