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woodcutter helps him put out an uncontrolled fire in the forest.

** The ranger receives double the normal amount of experience points when defeating a species enemy (20/level). In addition he receives a 1,000 experience point bonus for defeating the long-range plans of a species enemy.


= Typical share of experience, as described in the


Most rangers are privately religious, convinced that there are powers at work in the world much greater than themselves. Though different rangers may worship in different ways, all regard the embodiment of their devotion with awe and respect, and try to abide by the ideals it represents.

Rangers manifest their faith in a number of ways:

A ranger's devotion gives him a sense of purpose, a feeling that his life has a purpose. Even though his role may seem at times to be minor, he feels that he has a definite place in the scheme of things.

A ranger's beliefs give structure to his life by providing a set of principles for him to follow. Being of good alignment, rangers tend to adopt beliefs that encourage honesty, compassion, and selflessness.

In practical terms, the access to spells enjoyed by the high level ranger is one of the most immediate and visible results of a life of service. Much like a druid, the ranger receives his spells as a consequence of his beliefs. Though prayer or meditation, the ranger asks for the spells he wishes to memorize, and in most cases, his requests are granted.

Unlike the druid and other priests, the ranger's access to spells is limited. A priest, after all, devotes much energy to the service of his faith, while a ranger's other activities and duties place great demands on his time. For this reason, the ranger is able to acquire spells only when he reaches 8th level, and then has only minor access to the plant and animal spheres. The ranger can fill his spell slots with any spells of the appropriate level listed for those spheres. Some kits may have expanded or restricted spell use.

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