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future forgatherings unless things are smoothed over.

There are as many types of forgatherings as there are rangers. Some are held in well- traveled forests, others in remote deserts. Some attract only specific kit types, such as Mountain Men or Sea Rangers, while others are primarily intended for specific races, such as elves. In general, however, most forgatherings are open to any ranger who cares to come.

Though some established forgatherings occasionally change locations and dates, most are held in the same place and at the same time every year for the convenience of the attendees. Any open wilderness area, reasonably isolated, can serve as a forgathering site. Forests, mountains, and plains are preferred, as they give the easiest access to the greatest number of rangers. Because travel can be difficult in the winter, and summer can bring uncomfortably hot temperatures, forgatherings are usually held in late spring or early fall. Most forgatherings last from two to three days, but some drag on for several weeks or until the last few diehards call it quits and head for home.

Specifics about individual forgatherings are hard to come by, since rangers tend to keep the details to themselves. Brief descriptions follow, the pieced-together bits and pieces of information that have trickled out over the years regarding a few of the best- attended and longest-lived meetings: feel free to add to them and adapt them to your campaign world.

One of the most important annual meetings is the gathering at this festival, held during the six days following the irst full moon after the autumn equinox. Rangers of every type and specialty can be found here, though standard rangers outnumber all the others. The site shifts every other year, alternating between a heavily forested area and a plains region, far from any civilized settlement. The organizers announce next year's site at the end of the current festival. As this is primarily a trade fair, rangers bring a wide variety of goods to sell, and haggle with each other long into the night. Prices tend to be high, but so does the quality.

This is one of the wildest and least structured forgatherings, attracting Mountain Men by the dozens, along with a few rowdy Giant Killers, Pathfinders, and Forest Runners. The name derives from the person who organized the first of these forgatherings, a rowdy Mountain Man who lost an eye in a drunken sharpshooting contest. Held near the base of a tall mountain in mid-spring, the Glass Eye Concourse features a weekend of physical contests, lewd jokes, and lots and lots of cheap ale.

In contrast to most forgatherings, the High Tide Assembly is downright sedate,

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