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If the trail is outdoors, the ranger must actually see the creature (he spots a fox darting into the brush), notice obvious signs of his quarry (such as footprints or droppings), or hear reliable reports of the quarry's whereabouts ("Looking for that old silver dragon? She likes to drink from the pond by the twin palm trees."). If the trail is indoors, the ranger himself must have seen the quarry within the last 30 minutes, and begin tracking from the location where the quarry was last seen. As always, the DM is the final arbiter as to whether the ranger has enough evidence to enable him to track the quarry.

If the above conditions are met, the ranger can attempt to trail the quarry by making a Tracking check, using his Tracking score. The base Tracking score is equivalent to the ranger's Wisdom. Consult Tables 15-17 for other relevant modifiers; these tables may be

used in place of Table 39 in Chapter 5 of the surroundings, the Tracking chances are halved


. In non-natural

Good illumination, sunny day;

continual light or equivalent indoors Twilight, light fog, snow, single torch in


dark interior of building Night with full moon, day with moderate fog Overcast night with no moon, dense fog,

-3 -6

blizzard, blowing sand


Fresh snow (clearly outlined footprints) Soft or muddy ground, loose dirt floor (good impressions of prints, but not as defined as fresh snow) Thick brush, dense jungle (broken branches, crushed weeds) Forests, fields, dusty indoor area (occasional marks of passage) Normal ground, wood floor, plains with sparse vegetation (infrequent marks of passage) Desert, dry sand Swamp (spongy surface but little mud for prints, much vegetation) Rocky terrain, solid ice, stone floors, shallow water (prohibits all but the most minute signs of passage)






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