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Every two creatures in group being tracked Every three experience levels (round

down) of the ranger Each additional tracker assisting ranger

(use the score of the best tracker)* Animal follower assists in tracking**

Trail is in specialized ranger's primary terrain Every 12 hours since trail was made Every hour of rain, snow, or sleet since trail was made Creature being tracked attempts to hide trail



+1 +1 +2

  • -


  • -


(covering footprints, detouring into stream, passing through secret door) Specialized ranger being tracked in his primary terrain attempts to hide trail

  • -


  • -


  • *

    Total bonus for assistance is limited to ranger level bonus; i.e. +1 per 3 levels.

** See Chapter 3. The animal follower does not count as an additional tracker for purposes of the previous bonus.

If the modified Tracking score is zero or less, the ranger is unable to track the quarry in question.

If the modified Tracking score is greater than zero, the ranger makes a Tracking check by rolling 1d20. If the roll exceeds the ranger's tracking score, or if the roll is 20, the check fails and no trail has been found, If the roll less than or equal to the ranger's Tracking score, the ranger has found the quarry's trail and may begin to follow it.

Once a ranger has found the trail, he may track the quarry inde initely until any of the following situations occur:

The ranger must move slower than his normal movement rate in order to stay alert for signs of the trail. His movement rate limit depends on his modified Tracking score, as shown in Table 18.


1/4 normal


1/2 normal


3/4 normal

Should the ranger exceed the movement rate in Table 18--for instance, if a monster abruptly ambushes him and he's forced to run--he loses the trail.

If the trail leads to a new terrain type, night falls, or any other change occurs that requires a new Tracking modifier (as described in Tables 15-17), the ranger loses the trail. The new conditions may dictate the use of modifiers reflecting a

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