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consider the following questions:

Is this kit appropriate to the campaign? Not all kits fit with every campaign, and the DM is free to exclude any he feels are inappropriate. If the campaign takes place entirely on land, for instance, players may be barred from choosing the Sea Ranger kit. Before the players create their characters, the DM should tell them which kits are allowed and which are forbidden.

Do the players need additional information about any kit? Any campaign details relevant to a particular kit should be explained to the players before they create their characters. For example, the DM may announce that an army of orcs have allied with a group of stone giants and declared war against all Giant Killers, or that the local king has levied a hefty tax on anyone charging for guide services, Pathfinders included.

Are there changes in any kit? The parameters for each kit aren't engraved in stone, and the DM is ree to make any changes he likes. He may decide that only female Guardians are allowed in his campaign world, or that all Justifiers must be members of a particular military order. All such changes should be made clear to the players before they create their characters.

All character kits described in this chapter consist of the following elements: This section describes the features that distinguish a character associated with this kit, including his cultural background, duties, manner, and appearance.

Any special racial, ability score, or alignment requirements are listed here. Characters can't take the kit if they don't meet the listed qualifications. "Standard" means that no special racial or ability requirements apply to this kit. A good alignment is assumed.

Certain kits tend to be associated with specific environments. indicates that a character taking the kit must take the indicated primary terrain; if more than one type is listed, the player may choose whichever type he prefers.

means that a character taking this kit is advised to use one of the listed

primary terrain types, but isn't required to do so.

means that there are no required or

recommended types for this kit; the player may use any primary terrain he likes.

The character's role in society and in a campaign is detailed here. Typical motivations, personality, and beliefs are examined, along with common relationships with other people, reasons for joining an adventuring party, and usual function within a party. Note that these traits don't necessarily apply to each and every character associated with this kit; players may shape the personalities of their characters based on these suggestions, or they may disregard them entirely and create personalities of their own design.

If you're using the rules for secondary skills from Chapter 5 of the the character is restricted to the choice of skills listed in this section, or "no skill."

If you're using the weapon proficiency rules, a kit may require the character to take specific weapon proficiencies or choose from a restricted list. Alternately, the character may have the option of choosing from a list of recommended

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