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Although nonweapon proficiency rules are technically optional, they're strongly recommended when using ranger kits. However, if you're using secondary skills, you shouldn't use nonweapon proficiencies.

proficiencies are received free of charge; they cost no proficiency slots. A

proficiency must be taken and does cost slots.

proficiencies are

skills typical for the kit. They cost the normal number of proficiency slots. It's a good idea for a beginning player to spend all or most of the ranger's initial slots on

recommended proficiencies. can be taken during play.

proficiencies cannot be taken initially, though they

An asterisk (*) indicates a new proficiency described in Chapter 5. Some character types tend to use specific equipment, while others have limitations on the items available to them. Requirements and recommendations are given here, along with any style preferences associated with the kit. Unless indicated otherwise, a character must buy the required equipment, including weapons, from his initial funds. Like all members of the warrior group, a ranger begins with 50-200 (5d4 * 10) gp. If he lacks the funds to buy all of his required equipment, he should buy as much as he can, then pick up the rest as soon as he gets the money.

enemy is

A particular species enemy may be required or recommended. If the , the character has no choice; he must take the indicated creature as a

species enemy. If more than one creature is listed as a required enemy, the character can

pick the one he prefers.

enemies are only suggestions; the character may

choose one if he likes, or ignore the recommendation.

means that a ranger should

choose his species enemy normally, as described in Chapter 2.

As with the species enemy entry, this section may include either required or recommended followers. The DM should make sure that at least one of each type shows up as a follower some time in the ranger's career (depending on there being

enough slots available).

followers show up at the DM's option. Any means

that the character has no special follower restrictions or recommendations.

All kits give special benefits that aren't normally available to other characters. Typical benefits include improved abilities, special relationships with followers, and reaction bonuses. All benefits are received free of charge, and don't count against the normal limitations of the ranger class.

To balance their special benefits, kits also carry special hindrances. Hindrances may include reaction penalties, cultural restrictions, or ability limitations. All special hindrances are in addition to any disadvantages normally associated with the ranger class.

A wanderer, the Beastmaster has a natural affinity for animals; in fact, he has a limited form of telepathic communication with them. This is often the result of a magical bond with the Animal Kingdom, formed either at the time of his birth or upon reaching young adulthood. Unlike other adventurers, the Beastmaster does not command,

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