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he has a bond. This gives him the ability to directly explain tricks or tasks he wishes the animal to attempt, or to communicate needs and desires. Conversely, the animal can also communicate its needs and desires to him.

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    He can see through the eyes of the animal by concentrating on the mental link. He can see through the eyes of one creature in a round (himself included).

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    He has the animal lore proficiency with respect to the bonded animal. Furthermore, if he is mentally linked to the animal, success with the proficiency is automatic.

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    Every time the Beastmaster gains a level, all of his current animal henchmen gain an additional hit point.

At 9th level, the Beastmaster can summon a horde of wild animals to ight for him. They must come from a land that he controls, and it takes one week to gather them.

They can be brought together only for some great purpose that can be explained simply. Up to 100 Hit Dice of animals per level of the Beastmaster will come. For every 10 animals, there will be a pack leader with one additional Hit Die and maximum hit points. The horde will stay together for one week for each level of the Beastmaster. There is no record of a Beastmaster summoning more than one horde in a year.

The Beastmaster can split his experience award, giving up to half of his earned experience to any or all of his animal henchmen that played a role in the adventure. Such henchmen advance on the Fighter Experience Table, receiving +1 to attack rolls and +3 hit points for every level gained.

The Beastmaster feels pain when one of his henchmen is wounded, suffering a -2 penalty to all rolls in the next round. If he is mentally linked with a henchman when it is killed, he suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls for the next 24 hours.

The Beastmaster's animal henchmen are free to come, go, or act as they will. Any attempt to arbitrarily restrict or regulate their freedom, or habitually ignoring their needs and desires, will result in resentment, sulkiness, and possible abandonment.

The Beastmaster suffers a -1 penalty to reaction rolls by common NPCs, and a -2 when dealing with a civilized aristocracy. Further, his maximum effective Charisma when dealing with his own race is 15.

The Beastmaster starts with 1d4 - 10 gp. At no time will the Beastmaster build a fortress. At 9th level, he may establish himself as the protector of an area of land equivalent to a barony.

The restless spirit of the Explorer makes him the most nomadic of all rangers. His travels take him around the world, as he continually seeks new lands to investigate and new cultures to study. No region is too remote, no society too primitive to pique the Explorer's interest. An expert in communication, survival, and anthropology, the Explorer's skills are invaluable for safely navigating uncharted terrain and negotiating

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