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Feralans rarely volunteer to join adventuring parties. However, because Feralans are fervent animal advocates and protectors of the wild, they are inclined to cooperate with parties who share their concerns.

While a Feralan's human companions may admire his courage and respect his instincts, they may ind his beast-like behavior offensive at best, frightening at worst. After a hunt, a Feralan may drag the carcass of his prey back to the party's campsite and eat it raw, tearing off chunks with his familial followers. Personal hygiene is rarely among a Feralan's priorities, though he may occasionally lick himself clean. He grooms his animal friends by picking bugs from their fur, then cuddles up with them to go to sleep. When disturbed, he may snarl like a wolf. To celebrate victory over a predator, he may howl at the moon. He communicates in grunts, growls, and sentence fragments. He may disconcert new associates by sniffing them.

: Fisher, Forester, Hunter, Trapper/Furrier. The secondary skills reflect talents that Feralans have picked up in the wild; therefore, all skills have wilderness applications only. A Fisher Feralan, for instance, may know how to swim and catch fish, but won't be able to operate a boat.

club, knife. A Feralan's remaining slots must be spent on primitive weapons: blowgun (rare), dagger, short bow, dart, hand axe, sling, spear.

Hunting or Fishing; Trail Signs*. His remaining initial pro iciencies must be chosen from these: Alertness*, Animal Handling, Animal Lore, Blind-fighting, Direction Sense, Endurance, Fire-building, Fishing, Foraging, Hunting, Rope Use, Running, Set Snares, Survival, Swimming, Veterinary Healing*, Weather Sense.

Feralans adorn themselves in crude smocks or loincloths made of furs and hides. They wear only what is necessary to keep themselves warm and comfortable.

A Feralan wears no armor, nor does he carry a shield. His main weapons--the ones associated with his weapon proficiencies--he makes himself from bones, branches, rocks, and other natural materials. If he loses or breaks one of these weapons, he can come up with a replacement in few hours, assuming suitable materials are available. He can use weapons other than those he makes, but prefers not to.

Any. Unlike other rangers, the Feralan begins to receive followers at 5th level. At least half (rounded up) of his followers will be of his familial species. A Feralan will receive at most one human, demihuman, or humanoid as a follower, and this only at 10th level or higher.

The Feralan receives a +10% chance to hide in natural surroundings and a +10% chance to move silently.

During melee combat, the initial wounding of an opponent may impel the Feralan into a frenzy of blood lust, increasing his fighting effectiveness. A Feralan can make one attempt to become enraged at any particular opponent. After the first round in which a Feralan inflicts damage on an opponent, the Feralan has the option of making a saving throw vs. death magic. If the roll succeeds, the Feralan goes into a feral rage for the next 2d6 rounds. During that time, the rage gives the Feralan a +2 bonus to all attack

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