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contain all the basic information you need to create

and play ranger characters. But for players wanting to go a bit deeper,

provides a wealth of detail that expands on that basic information, adding more options and rules to make your rangers come alive like never before.

For instance, we'll examine the ranger's talents for tracking, animal empathy, and nature lore, suggesting methods for using these abilities in ways you might not have considered. If you've wondered what a ranger does with his followers or exactly how he acquires them, you'll find the answers here. If you're tired of playing ordinary rangers, there's more than a dozen new character kits for your perusal, including the Giant Killer, the Pathfinder, and the Stalker. There are also plenty of new spells, proficiencies, and equipment to expand your ranger's horizons. Use what you like and ignore what you don't.

Though much of this material will be of interest to the Dungeon Master, particularly the clarification of old concepts and the introduction of new rules,

is a supplement to the

. Every word is intended

for the players. Note, however, that all of material is optional, and none may be incorporated into a campaign without the express permission of the DM. These caveats aside, feel free to turn the page and enjoy.

If you're a casual player, or have only a passing interest in the ranger character, begin by looking over the table of contents and noting any topics that catch your eye. Read the most appealing sections, skim over the rest, and consult with your DM about any new ideas you'd like to try. Later, you can read the entire book at your leisure, or keep it on the shelf as a reference, along with the previous handbooks in this series (including

, and ). Players who take their rangers seriously are advised to read the entire book. You'll discover a host of new ideas and character options, expanded tables, and tips for fine- tuning your role-playing techniques. As mentioned, all of the rules in this book must be cleared with the DM before you can use them in a game.

Players of all persuasions should take a look at the new ranger character sheets located in the back of the book. The sheets have been custom-designed to record virtually every detail about a ranger character, and also feature a number of helpful notes to minimize the amount of time spent referring to the rulebooks. And speaking of the rulebooks, we've also compiled all of the key rules from the and Player's Handbook relevant to rangers; you'll find most of them in the first three chapters. We've also made every effort to elaborate on the most interesting concepts from




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