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and damage rolls, and his base Armor Class improves by 2 (an unarmored Feralan's AC is temporarily raised to 8). However, all attacks must be made against the designated opponent and the Feralan must attack in every round he's able; he can't voluntarily break off an attack, or choose to attack a different opponent.

An enraged Feralan must continue to attack the designated opponent until the feral rage wears off, or the opponent dies or escapes. If the rage wears off, the Feralan may continue to attack normally, or take any other action; however, the Feralan can't attempt to become enraged again against the same opponent. If the opponent dies, the feral rage automatically ends. If the opponent flees, the Feralan will pursue for the duration of the rage.

The Feralan has a base climbing success rate of 60%. This allows tree climbing at the Feralan's normal movement rate (cliff climbing instead if the primary terrain is Arctic, Desert, or Mountain). This ability is much more limited than the thief ability to climb walls. The climbing modifiers discussed in Chapter 14 of the

apply in all situations other than those given. The Feralan can use this ability at will with animals from his familial species. The ability is similar to the 2nd level priest spell speak with animals, but requires no components or casting time.

The familial followers of a Feralan will generally do what they're asked, assuming they're physically capable of doing so, when the Feralan speaks to them in their own language. Mistreated familial followers may still abandon a Feralan, as detailed in the Parting Company section of Chapter 3.

The Feralan may train non-familial followers (use guidelines in Chapter 3).

When in his primary terrain, the Feralan may attempt to summon familial species animals by howling at the top of his lungs for 1-6 rounds. The DM then secretly rolls percentile dice. If the result is less than or equal to the Feralan's Wisdom score plus his level (a 5th level Feralan with Wisdom 15 has a base chance of 20%), 1-4 familial animals show up within the next hour. Once they arrive, these animals act as followers for the next 1-4 hours. During this time, the Feralan may command them with


ability. At the end of the 1-4 hour period, the summoned animals

disappear into the wilderness. A Feralan can attempt

once per day.

Because of his mental predisposition and animalistic tendencies, a Feralan can only learn and cast a limited number of spells. He has access only to spells of the animal sphere and can't cast spells any higher than 2nd level. Table 41 shows the Feralan's spell progression.

A Feralan may use any magical item normally allowed a ranger.

















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