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    Animal sphere only

A Feralan has little interest in money or gems, which for the most part are as worthless to him as rocks. He keeps only enough funds to cover training costs, equipment replacement, and basic living expenses. He usually allows fellow party members to divide the remainder of his share of treasure as they wish. (However, the Feralan still receives all experience points due him for finding treasure and fellow party members receive no experience point benefit for the Feralan's share.)

Lacking extensive resources but mainly lacking the inclination, a Feralan will not build a castle or any other type of fortification at any point in his career.

The rough manner and appearance of the Feralan inflicts a -3 penalty when encountering human, demihuman, or humanoid NPCs, including other Feralans.

A Feralan will seldom, if ever, develop any close relationship with politically powerful human, demihuman, or humanoid NPCs.

Wherever a corrupt or oppressive regime holds power, there's bound to be a Forest Runner. Forest Runners rise in opposition to such regimes, living on the fringes of society, usually one step ahead of the law. They're criminals only in a technical sense, as they adhere to a personal code that compels them to wage war against greedy aristocrats and unjust rulers. While the powers-that-be view the Forest Runner as a lawless troublemaker, commoners see him as hero, perhaps their best hope against a tyrannical government.

Constantly on the move, Forest Runners live by their wits and have learned to make do with minimal resources. They excel in combat and make formidable opponents. Ever active and brimming with self-confidence, Forest Runners delight in harassing authority figures, particularly the pompous and well-to-do. Many a hapless aristocrat has been left bound, gagged, and penniless after a humiliating roadside encounter with a Forest Runner.

Any time after reaching 4th level, the Forest Runner will acquire a This is an NPC of near equal level whose campaign goal is to capture or kill the Forest Runner.


A Forest Runner must have a Charisma score of at least 12. Most Forest Runners hail from civilized regions in Forest, Hill, Plains, Mountain, or Jungle. However, no terrain type is excluded, providing it contains a reasonably sized and sufficiently corrupt settlement. (A Forest Runner from a primary terrain other than Forest, modifies the name accordingly, such as Mountain Runner, Swamp Runner, and so on.)

The Forest Runner is usually selfless, resourceful, and roguishly charming. A loner by circumstance and not by choice, a Forest Runner readily allies with adventuring parties who share his outlook. As a champion of underdogs everywhere, the Forest Runner doesn't necessarily feel bound to his homeland, and may journey anywhere in the

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