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world to promote justice. Occasionally, he may join a party to acquire treasure for distribution to the needy. If the local authorities are putting the heat on, he may accompany a party simply to disappear for a while.

Bowyer/Fletcher, Forester, Farmer, Hunter, Leather worker, Teamster, Weaponsmith.

The Forest Runner receives a bonus weapon proficiency slot, above and beyond those he's normally allowed. The bonus slot must be filled with one of the following weapons: long bow, quarterstaff, long sword, or dagger. He must then fill three of his first six slots with the remaining weapons on this list. Once he's met this

requirement, he may fill subsequent slots with any weapons of his choic Bowyer/Fletcher.



Blacksmithing, Camouflage*, Disguise, Endurance, Leatherworking, Persuasion*, Riding (Land-based), Rope Use, Weaponsmithing.

Standard. A Forest Runner's species enemy should have some association with the corrupt regime he opposes. It may be the king's pet (such as a wolf or tiger), an evil race with which the monarchy has aligned itself (goblins or ogres), a symbol of the government (a snake or a hydra) or a creature the opposed officials have used in war (a dragon or a giant).


The Forest Runner has a +5% chance to hide in natural surroundings and a +5% chance to move silently.

Once per day, prior to making an attack, a Forest Runner may spend 2-5 (1d4+1) rounds boosting the morale of his companions with flattering words and expressions of confidence. He can influence a number of companions equal to his level. If the Forest Runner makes a successful Charisma check afterwards, the companions enjoy a +2 bonus to their morale for the next 3-12 (3d4) rounds. Each companion also receives a +1 bonus to his first attack roll. The inspiring speech doesn't affect animals, other Forest Runners, or himself. The Forest Runner can't attempt to inspire his companions in the midst of battle or while they're occupied in any other activity.

The Forest Runner can take the Disguise proficiency for one proficiency slot.

In his homeland or any region where his reputation precedes him, a Forest Runner can count on food and shelter at no charge for himself and his companions from supportive commoners. A Forest Runner also receives a +1 reaction modifier from peasants of good or neutral alignment of all cultures.

Forest Runners will rarely develop a close relationship with any NPC with political power. Additionally, a Forest Runner runs a constant risk of arrest by authorities of his homeland, as well as from other regimes with which his homeland has extradition agreements. Law-enforcement authorities may plague a Forest Runner through his entire career.

The Giant Killer is a skilled combatant, often from humble beginnings,

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