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trained to the specific purpose of slaying giants. He has mastered combat techniques designed to fell giants, and has become an expert in their behavior and habits. A Giant Killer is nothing if not confident; a giant's immense size merely means he makes a good target.

For the purposes of this kit, giants include true giants, such as: cloud giants, fire giants, frost giants, hill giants, stone giants, and storm giants. Also included are giant-kin, such as cyclops, ettins, firbolg, fomorians, verbeeg, and voadkyn. The DM may augment this list with other giants relevant to his particular campaign.

A Giant Killer must have a minimum score of 15 in both Strength and Dexterity.

Any terrain is acceptable, so long as some type of giant calls it home.

Giant Killers have keen minds, strong bodies, and unshakable egos. Most Giant Killers tirelessly promote their own skills and accomplishments, boasting of their latest triumphs to anyone who'll listen. Not surprisingly, their reputations precede them in most civilized regions. However, reactions among residents vary. For every person who reveres the Giant Killer as a hero, there's another who dismisses him as a blowhard. But when giants plague a community, everyone welcomes a Giant Killer with open arms.

Even when their services are desperately needed, Giant Killers rarely exploit their position. Most charge only modest fees, or settle for a medal or other token of appreciation in lieu of payment. As often as not, Giant Killers seek no remuneration of any kind, fighting giants for the sheer pleasure of it.

Unsurprisingly, the mere promise of an encounter with a giant is reason enough for most Giant Killers to join an adventuring party. For the most part, a Giant Killer leaves decision-making to others. Though in principle, he may share the party's fervor for the expedition at hand, he's usually more concerned with finding giants. He may become impatient and surly if the party goes for too long without meeting one.

The Giant Killer relishes violent encounters of all kinds, if only to exercise his combat skills. Of course, he comes into his own when fighting giants, and it's a wise party that follows his lead in such situations.

Bowyer/Fletcher, Forester, Groom, Hunter, Tailor, Weaponsmith. Because the Giant Killer faces tall adversaries, he must become proficient with missiles and hurled weapons. The first weapon slot, and every odd slot (third, fifth, and so on), must be a missile weapon: bow (any), crossbow (any), sling, staff sling, or any melee weapon that can be hurled. The even-numbered slots may be filled with any weapons of the Giant Killer's choice.

Giant Killers pursue their interest in giants with such single-mindedness that they have little time left to master other skills. Therefore, a Giant Killer is allowed only one nonweapon proficiency at first level. This must be selected from the following: Bowyer/Fletcher, Cobbler, Cooking, Hunting, Pottery, Riding (Land- based), Running, Tailor, Swimming, Weaving.

Giant Killers have no special equipment requirements. They often carry shields decorated with medals and ribbons awarded them from grateful communities for slaying troublesome giants. Though such shields can be used normally, they're mainly for show; Giant Killers generally put them aside before engaging a giant in battle.

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