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None; however, see Special Bonuses against giants. Normal (but see optional rule).

A Giant Killer has all the following bonuses when attacking giants:


For example, if a 7th level Giant Killer makes a successful attack with a spear, the giant suffers 1-8 points of damage from the spear, plus 7 for the Giant Killer's level.

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    A giant with a THAC0 of 10 needs a 14 to hit a Giant Killer with AC 0.

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    If a giant with initiative attacks and hits, the Giant Killer may give up his action to dodge. If the Giant Killer saves vs. death magic, the giant's attack misses. If the Giant Killer has initiative, he can dodge instead of attacking for the round.

A Giant Killer can goad a giant into making careless and ill-conceived attacks. To infuriate a giant, the Giant Killer spends two rounds darting between the giant's legs, waving his hands, and hollering insults. The Giant Killer cannot make attacks or take any other actions while attempting to infuriate the giant; if interrupted (to dodge, for example), he must start over. During this time, the giant can attack the Giant Killer; however, because of the Giant Killer's erratic movement, the giant's attacks are made at an additional -2 penalty.

At the end of this period, the giant makes a saving throw vs. spells. If the throw succeeds, nothing special happens. If the throw fails, the giant becomes enraged for the next 2-12 (2d6) rounds. During that time, the giant directs all of his attacks against the Giant Killer; the giant's attacks are made at an additional -4 penalty. The Giant Killer may attack normally while the giant is infuriated.

Follower Infuriation A Giant Killer may enhance his chances of infuriating a giant by using an animal follower that has been trained to infuriate. The follower, which must be a bird or other flying creature of small size (S), learns this trick in accordance to the Training Followers rules in Chapter 3. The trick counts against the follower's normal limit of tricks and tasks. Only a Giant Killer can train a follower to infuriate.

While the Giant Killer is executing his infuriating routine, the follower may also infuriate the giant by swooping around his head and screeching. The giant's saving throw against the infuriation is reduced by a -2 penalty for the infuriating follower. This effect is not cumulative with additional followers. An infuriated giant might direct its attacks at the infuriating follower in addition to the Giant Killer. If the giant tries to attack an infuriating follower, the follower successfully dodges the blow unless the attack roll is a 19 or 20. A follower can't attempt to infuriate alone. A follower can only augment the infuriating attempts of the Giant Killer.

If a Giant Killer discovers a footprint, lair, campsite, or any other physical evidence of a giant, a successful Wisdom roll enables him to learn some general information about the giant in question. Such information may include the giant's type, approximate size, and companions. He may also learn how recently the giant was in the area and in what direction the giant traveled. The DM decides the quality and amount of

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