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information the Giant Killer receives.

Unlike other rangers, the tracking ability of the Giant Killer is limited to tracking giants. A Giant Killer who selects a general Tracking proficiency can track other creatures as non-ranger character.

Because Giant Killers seldom make an effort to conceal their identities, they're often singled out for harassment. Insecure villagers may challenge Giant Killers to duels to impress their friends, or bullies may ambush Giant Killers to demonstrate their toughness.

To avenge the death of a companion, some giants may target Giant Killers for assassination. Giant tribes occasionally offer bounties for proof of a Giant Killer's death, making the Giant Killer a prime candidate for attacks.

The rarest and certainly the most unusual ranger, the Greenwood Ranger, or Limbant, combines characteristics of both humans and plants. The Greenwood Ranger begins life as a normal human, but through resolute appeals to the gods, he gradually acquires plant-like qualities that enhance his relationship with the vegetable kingdom and endow him with remarkable powers.

A Greenwood Ranger resembles a normal human covered from head to toe with a layer of thick brown bark, similar to that of an oak tree. The bark on the back of his head and the backs of his hands and arms is tinged with green; the green bark enables him to absorb nutrients directly from the sunlight (see the Special Benefits section below). He has no body hair, no teeth, and his tapering fingers and toes look like gnarled branches. Tangles of short roots grow from his feet and ankles.

Aside from these physical differences, the Greenwood Ranger moves, speaks, and behaves much like an ordinary human. As his human qualities are dominant, he has a +2

bonus when saving against

, and similar plant-related spells.

Otherwise, the Greenwood Ranger makes saving throws, attack rolls, and ability checks as a normal human ranger.

A ranger must make the commitment to become a Greenwood Ranger at 1st level, even though the Greenwood Ranger's special abilities are not acquired until 4th level. From 1st through 3rd level, he is considered to be a latent Greenwood Ranger. A latent Greenwood Ranger operates as the standard ranger

described in the

, though following the Secondary Skill, Weapon

Proficiency, and Nonweapon Proficiency restrictions described below (and receiving the indicated Bonus Proficiencies). He may wear any armor allowed a normal ranger. He does not have any of the Greenwood Ranger's special benefits or hindrances at this time.

During this latency period, the ranger must spend a minimum of three hours per week in silent prayer, petitioning the gods to transform him into a Greenwood Ranger. It isn't necessary for the player to keep track of the hours spent in prayer; presumably, the character will set aside enough spare time to meet this requirement. The gods may tolerate an occasional lapse--for instance, the ranger may be too sick to pray in a particular week--but the ranger is otherwise expected to keep up with his prayers. If the ranger intentionally neglects his prayers on a regular basis (as determined by the DM), the gods will inform the ranger in a dream that he's no longer eligible to become a

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