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Greenwood Ranger. The ranger is forced to abandon the kit, and may

take another.

When the latent Greenwood Ranger reaches 4th level, the gods give him a simple task to complete, involving the protection or support of plant life. Typical tasks include assisting a treant, replanting an area of forest devastated by fire, and teaching a primitive tribe how to grow and harvest their own crops. A latent Greenwood Ranger who fails to complete this task within a month must spend an additional 1-4 months praying, at which time the gods will grant a new task.

A latent Greenwood Ranger who completes the task then locates an isolated area of forest or jungle, lies on the ground, and covers himself with leaves and branches. He then falls asleep for a full day. If disturbed before 24 hours elapse, the transformation is interrupted; the ranger may try again at another time. Otherwise, upon awaking, the ranger will have transformed into a Greenwood Ranger. Once transformed, the

Greenwood Ranger

abandon this kit, although actions that would normally cost a

ranger his class result in the loss of spell use and other penalties determined by the DM.

A Greenwood Ranger must be human. Otherwise, the ability requirements are the same as those for a normal ranger.

Forest or Jungle. Because he must sacrifice a portion of his humanity to become a Greenwood Ranger, a human drawn to this kit usually has only a tenuous link with formal society. He is an outsider, with few close friendships or family ties, capable of walking away from the civilized world without regret. Orphans, social outcasts, and eccentric personalities are good candidates to become Greenwood Rangers.

Greenwood Rangers live deep in the forest or jungle, far from urban centers. Most people tend to shun Greenwood Rangers, repulsed by their appearance or fearful of their strange powers. But their distrust is unwarranted. Greenwood Rangers are gentle-natured, thoughtful souls to whom all life is precious. A Greenwood Ranger will mourn the loss of a favorite shade tree as much as the passing of a human companion. To the Greenwood Ranger, the wilderness is a glorious, sacred place. If necessary, he will risk his life to preserve it.

In most cases, a Greenwood Ranger will align with any adventuring party who shares his affinity for nature, providing he agrees with their cause. A Greenwood Ranger tends to keep to himself, offering his opinion only when asked and deferring to the party's leader in most situations.

Bowyer/Fletcher, Farmer, Forester, Woodworker/Carpenter. A Greenwood Ranger's weapon proficiencies are limited to the following choices: axe (any), bow (any), crossbow (any), dagger, knife, quarterstaff, sling, spear, long sword, short sword.


Herbalism. Required: Agriculture Carpentry, Endurance, Foraging*, Swimming, Trail Marking*, Weather Armorer, Blacksmithing, Fire-building, Engineering, Leatherworking,

Mining, Mountaineering, Navigation*, Riding (Land-based and Airborne), Seamanship, Spelunking*, Stonemasonry, Weaponsmithing.

A Greenwood Ranger can't wear armor. However, his bark-like skin provides comparable protection. At 4th level, the Greenwood Ranger's skin gives him an Armor Class of 5. For every level thereafter, the AC increases by 1; an 8th level Greenwood Ranger, for example, has an AC of 1. At 15th level, the Greenwood Ranger

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