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reaches his maximum AC of -6.

Normally, Greenwood Rangers don't wear clothing aside from a cloth loincloth or simple smock. Thanks to their tough feet, shoes are unnecessary. Some Greenwood Rangers are fond of decorative pins made of gems or colorful minerals. Greenwood Rangers wear such pins by attaching them directly to their skin.

Any. A Greenwood Ranger will have at least one treant follower at some point


The Greenwood Ranger can speak with plants at will. This ability is similar to the 4th level priest spell, except it requires neither components nor a casting time.

Unlike a normal human, the Greenwood Ranger has no need to drink or eat. He receives nourishment directly from the sun. So long as he is exposed to sunlight at least an hour per day, he stays healthy. He suffers 1-2 points of damage every day he goes without exposure to the sun. Overcast days are sufficient to nourish a Greenwood Ranger.

A Greenwood Ranger satisfies his thirst by dipping his feet in any pool or puddle of fresh water for 10 minutes every other day. Exposure to a light rain or soaking his feet in a bucket will also suffice. If he goes without water for 48 hours, he begins to suffer damage at the rate of 1-2 points per day.

A Greenwood Ranger requires oxygen like any other human and is subject to drowning and suffocation. However, because the Greenwood Ranger's woody skin makes him naturally buoyant, he can't drown unless he's physically held underwater.

Upon reaching 8th level, a Greenwood Ranger can accelerate healing by . He may attempt this once per week. To use this ability, the Greenwood Ranger must bury his feet in the earth (not sand or snow; the soil must be capable of supporting plant life) up to his ankles. He must stand stationary and silent for 1-4 hours, taking no other actions during that time. If interrupted, the rooting fails; he may try again the following week. If uninterrupted, tiny roots sprout from his feet and bury themselves into the ground, absorbing healing nutrients from the soil. At the end of the rooting period, the roots withdraw, and the Greenwood Ranger has recovered 3-12 (3d4) points of damage.

Under certain circumstances, a Greenwood Ranger can grow an extra limb. The limb grows from the center of the Greenwood Ranger's chest and functions as a

normal arm. Only Greenwood Rangers of 10th level or higher can attempt

. A Greenwood

Ranger may make an attempt once a month by lying on the ground and covering himself with leaves, branches, and earth. For the next 24 hours, he enters into a state of suspended

animation, similar to that caused by a

spell. If the Greenwood Ranger is

disturbed during this time, the enchantment is broken and limbing will not occur. The Greenwood Ranger can try again the following month.

If the Greenwood Ranger is undisturbed, he awakens in 24 hours with a new limb extending from his chest. The new limb may be useful to the Greenwood Ranger in several ways:

  • 

    The Greenwood Ranger can wield three weapons at the same time. Attacks made

with the third weapon suffer a -2 penalty. The Greenwood Ranger's reaction

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