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adjustment (based on his Dexterity) modifies this penalty, although it can't result in a positive modifier. The Greenwood Ranger gains only two additional attacks per round, regardless of the number of attacks he's normally allowed. Therefore, a Greenwood Ranger able to attack 3/2 with one weapon (once in the first round, twice in the second) can attack 7/2 when using three weapons (three times in the first round, four times in the second).

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    The Greenwood Ranger with a third limb receives a +3 bonus when punching, wrestling, or overbearing.

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    A Greenwood Ranger with a third limb can swim at 150% of his normal swimming speed. He receives a +20% modifier to all climbing attempts.

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    The extra limb helps the Greenwood Ranger perform ordinary activities more efficiently. For instance, he can carry three buckets of water at the same time or wash dishes in half the normal time.

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    The third limb improves the Greenwood Ranger's performance when using certain nonweapon proficiencies involving the hands. For example, when using the juggling proficiency to catch items, he makes an attack roll vs. AC 2 instead of AC 0. When using the weaving proficiency, he can create three square yards of material per day instead of two. The DM determines the extent of the improvement depending on the particular proficiency and the attempted task.

The Greenwood Ranger's new limb withers and falls off in 1-4 days. A Greenwood Ranger can't have more than one extra limb at a time.

The Greenwood Ranger has a -5% penalty when trying to move silently. He gets no Dexterity bonus to his armor class.

If an opponent attempts any normal or magical fire-based attack against a Greenwood Ranger, he qualifies for a +4 bonus to his attack roll and a +1/die bonus to his damage roll. The Greenwood Ranger suffers a -4 penalty to all saving throws involving ire-based attacks. Any fire-based attacks that hit inflict +1 hit point per die of damage.

Though his skin provides protection in most environments, the Greenwood Ranger risks damage from prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. After any full day spent in a climate where the temperature is below freezing, or averages 100 degrees or more, a Greenwood Ranger must make a Constitution check. Failure results in the loss of 1-4 hit points.

A Greenwood Ranger can only learn and cast spells from the plant sphere. He uses the ranger's normal spell progression (given in Table 5 in Chapter 1).

Because of his bizarre appearance, the Greenwood Ranger suffers a

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    3 reaction adjustment penalty when encountering any NPCs, with the exception of

learned nobles, sages, and other high level characters of good or neutral alignment. Such worldly characters aren't intimidated by his appearance.

The Guardian is a self-appointed protector of the wilderness. Compelled by a strong sense of duty, he has assumed responsibility for an unsettled tract of land, doing his utmost to maintain it in its natural state and protect its animal occupants.

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